Trending Tech in 2020...

Trending Tech in 2020

Trending Tech in 2020

Since its inclusion as “hype” in the technology world, big data has been repeatedly projected as some sort of a miracle for all the corporate woes of the connected age. But since hypes are impermanent, the initial frenzy around big data is subsiding. Analyst firm Gartner already removed it from its famous “Hype Cycle” in 2015. So, have enterprises slammed the brakes on mining it?

No, they haven’t. Big data is going strong and poised to make even bigger strides in delivering eye-opening insights. What has happened is big data is now an established technology that has outgrown the unnecessary fuss. Enterprises are seeking real value from it, not a bunch of towering promises.

Top 5 Big Data Challenges
The landscape of big data is not free of challenges. Below, we outline the top challenges in Big Data –

  1. First and foremost is the challenge of volume. Data is exploding and companies are under stress as they face space crunch to store data for accurate analysis. The growth of unstructured data is aggravating the situation further.
  2. Then comes the problem of generating insights in a timely fashion. Enterprises are not supposed to keep big data idle in their repositories.
  3. Another challenge is the widening gap between the requirement of skilled big data professionals and their availability.
  4. Big data is an all-encompassing term. So obviously it combines a broad array of data sources. Integrating all these sources is a tall order.
  5. Amid the constant threat of cybercrimes, data security and privacy should be of paramount importance to enterprises. Incidents like the recent Equifax data breach or the Cambridge Analytica scandal are lessons about what can happen if a company adopts a ham-fisted approach to handle data.

We have made a humble attempt to present a brief overview of trends, growth, and challenges of the big data industry in 2020. But, some thoughts expressed herein may later prove to be off the mark, as tomorrow can usher in a different reality. That’s the beauty of a space as dynamic as big data.

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