E-commerce web and mobile solutions and ...

E-commerce web and mobile solutions and their application in the Travel Segment

E-commerce web and mobile solutions and their application in the Travel Segment

There multiple ways in which smart phone applications help us in one or the other. While few users like to browse the applications on a smartphone and few over a laptop or desktop.The preferences of the users to browse an application over the web or mobile depends upon the kind of application they are working on and what level of engagement they have with the application.

The diversification of such applications into E commerce segment by collaborating online buying capability had added to a further increase in the user base. For application having an E commerce solutions orientation users prefer to view it over a larger screen like desktops, systems or tablets owing to a better product view and selection process.

However organizations prefer to have their E commerce solution portal replicated on a mobile device which has lead to increase in the development of E commerce mobile apps and E commerce mobile friendly websites. An example of this trend is highly noticeable in travel industry where we can see lot of travel & tourism based organizations and providers leveraging the E commerce app development process to make highly user friendly customizable and scalable E commerce applications for smartphone with a responsive design so that people can plan their vacations/business tour and other travel related needs by simply browsing through such applications.

Such kind of applications have witnessed exponential growth since the past couple of months since users find it easy to book their travels without having to invest lot of time in researching for the information, checking rates, comparisons between websites of different travel companies etc.

Therefore we conclude that such applications have a promising future since the world is moving towards globalization which require people to travel to new places and discover unexplored opportunities.