IBM Tealeaf: For effective and better de...

IBM Tealeaf: For effective and better decision making for enriching Customer Experience

IBM Tealeaf: For effective and better decision making for enriching Customer Experience

An online transaction is not only a simple phenomenon of a user/customer spending time on a website and leaving it after the purpose is fulfilled.

From a business point of view profitability and revenue generation happens when the customer makes a purchase or decides to get engaged with the provider for a long term association.

During a user interaction with a website his buying or other decisions making process might be impacted by the way a business website is structured and presented to them.

Therefore it is essential that their browsing and interaction pattern with the website is regularly monitored and tracked to take corrective actions if required.

IBM Tealeaf is a leading solution provider which helps organizations to undertake in-depth Customer Experience Management and Customer Behavior Analysis in order to help them in effectively addressing any issues which the user might face while browsing the website and any factor which might be hampering their buying decision.

IBM Tealeaf presents the business with a real time case study for each user helping them to understand the sections of the website which are not making the required impact on the user’s mind therefore making them to take compelling and more innovative corrective steps which results in better outcomes and revenue/profitability generation for the business.

Since a large number of users use mobile devices to browse websites IBM Tealeaf offers a mobile module which helps organizations to capture, replay and understand the experiences of customers accessing the websites via mobile devices.