Native and Hybrid Mobile App: The Select...

Native and Hybrid Mobile App: The Selection for most Relevant and suitable Model for development

Native and Hybrid Mobile App: The Selection for most Relevant and suitable Model for development

Development of applications has many factors involved and the most important being the user interface and the entire user journey through the application.

Therefore it becomes essential that a lot of focus is put on the overall working/processing speeds of the applications. Market these days is flooded with lot of mobile applications and if a user is not happy/satisfied with a mobile application he will simply opt to use another application which offers great user experience.

Owing to this many organizations/individual are looking forward to get a mobile application developed are opting for the native mobile application development so that they could offer their users with a delightful user experience and increase user engagement. However these days there are lot of platforms and tools available to develop equally attractive and high user appealing applications.

Some of the tools and frameworks are Phonegap, Cordova, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Javascript etc. These tools and frameworks render attractive and appealing designs to the applications along with offering faster processing speeds for back-end server integration especially for the high data processing and fetching applications.

These frameworks use languages and platforms that have high capability to offer engaging front end designs along with a scalable and highly configurable back-end management potential.

Using HTML5/CSS3 the hybrid applications offer the same user experience and rewarding user journey of application navigation as mostly offered by the native applications.

Hybrid applications are easy to develop and require lesser time and cost allocation for getting an application developed.

Apart from the time and cost budget Hybrid applications are flexible and could be developed/integrated with any technology /platform which means that they could be implemented with ease and any technical resource who has sufficient working knowledge can work on Hybrid application and get it developed with ease and with a pool of software library.

We can therefore conclude that hybrid applications offer ease of integration and development of stronger back end framework enabled applications that are also high on user engagement quotient.