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Mobile Application Development: Need to do reverse engineering for effective system development

The basic essence of a mobile application is it’s UI and processing speed. The users these days work on application that offer an engaging UI and easy navigation along with it’s compatibility to run across various Operating Systems, Synchronization with web browsers where required and faster loading speed.This means that the mobile application development companies...

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IBM Tealeaf: Effective tools for enhancing user browsing experience and increase site conversions

Not only presenting a crisp and well structured is important for getting the customer attention and help him to make a purchase online but also a deep analysis and inferences needs to be carried out to ensure everything is working fine in the online arena.Consumers/Users browse and make transactions on various devices such as mobile and tablets. Their browsing and interaction behavior will be different across platforms and understanding their...

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5 important aspects you should follow to improve Customer Experience

There are lots of factors which determine how users interact and spend time on online platforms through various mediums like mobile, tablets, laptops etc.The use of online medium is increasing day by day and in order to become profitable and generate a regular stream of revenue the service providers needs to make sure that they offer the right mix of various influential factors to attract and retain customers for their product/service offerin...

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IBM Tealeaf: For effective and better decision making for enriching Customer Experience

An online transaction is not only a simple phenomenon of a user/customer spending time on a website and leaving it after the purpose is fulfilled.From a business point of view profitability and revenue generation happens when the customer makes a purchase or decides to get engaged with the provider for a long term association.During a user interaction with a website his buying or other decisions making process might be impacted by the way...

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E-commerce solutions development for Enriching user Experience

We buy and sell after doing a thorough research, evaluations and comparisons on the basis of offerings, price, and value add etc.These days buying and selling has started to take place through online channels. When buying and selling a user looks for wide range of information and collects them from various resources like family, friends, business groups, social groups etc.When this happens online the same information is required to be pre...

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Mobile Application Development

Need for Customized services for higher profitability

Applications these days have become multipurpose by means of various mediums that they are used from for e.g. desktop, smartphone, tablets etc.

Designing an application which works well across different gadgets is called responsive mobile applications. Building such applications has become need of hour since the people have a high degree of ...

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