As a leading IT services provider around the globe, we have diverse opportunities to develop and design software for enterprises at the client site. Almost all the clients we worked with have used formal procedures and tools for the development and deployment of the software product. If client wants high-quality software product they need to adopt the most adequate methodology during the development process.

At Moptra Infotech, we adhere to latest Agile/Scrum software development processes, or Waterfall model as per the client and project requirements. We consider a number of factors including project requirements, timelines, budgets, and end user expectations.

Agile Model

It’s not a methodology! Agile is an approach that allows for continuous improvement as the project progresses. When clients don’t have clear or dynamic project requirements, the Agile Model is more suitable for business. This methodology provides more opportunities for change requests at every phase of the software development. Scrum is the
other Agile product development method that we use in the combination of ScrumMaster, Team, Sprint and Product Owner.

  • Seamless Communication – close, daily product based meeting between clients and developers.
  • Transparency in the Payment – done in the regular installments.
  • Focuses on Business Value – allowing the clients to determine the priority of features.
  • Improves quality of software development, testing, & collaboration.

Waterfall Model

It is a sequential software design process, it means eight phases (including conception, initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, implementation, and maintenance) of product development are completed, and now developers have to move on the next step. As we know waterfall model is based on sequential, once a process has been
completed, technical professionals can’t change anything at previous developed phase. There is no space for change, because project outcomes and an extensive plan must be set in the starting point.

  • Developers and clients agree on what will be delivered at end of the project.
  • Waterfall Model is preferred where quality is major concern.
  • Clear milestones and extensive documentation.
  • Cost, Time and Budget are decided at beginning.

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